Space Shots1

Space Shots1

Assortment of space-related elements

This out-of-this-world theme will take you away from your desk for a while and transport you somewhere far away. Containing lots of icons, logos and sounds, as well as the ubiquitous desktop wallpaper, Space Shots1 is a classic choice of the sci-fi fan.

Space Shots1


Space Shots1

User reviews about Space Shots1

  • taquigraf

    by taquigraf

    "after scanning it did not reveal any spyware"

    It would be interesting to know if anybody has found spyware in this theme. Personally, I installed it and Kaspersky ...   More.

  • shadowsknight

    by shadowsknight

    "Looks good"

    looks good until you start to install and realize it contains the spyware..   More.